Kill-All Go

Sounds very interesting :slight_smile: @yebellz: I sent you two challenges, one as white, one as black.


French Speaker here :
Here are the correct phrasing in french. I translation is not word for word, I try to maintain the meaning and the tone :
“reason to be”, ==> “Raison d’être” . You’re correct but there is a disturbing space before ëtre.

Reason to fight ==> “Casus Belli”. It is latin but that’s what we would use. Sinon “Causes de la guerre”

manner/way of war : “Modalités de combat”, or latin again : “modus operandi”, which sounds better.


My Esperanto and English struck with the “d’ être” vs. “d’être”. :smiley:

Is it okay that I went with “Modalités de Combat” instead of “Modus Operandi”? To my knowledge, the phrase “Modus Operandi” is only used in English to refer to the way in which a criminal habitually commits crimes, so I wanted to avoid it since the main text of my post is in English.

It is ok to use “Modalités de combat”, it is perfectly clear in french.

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Does anyone want to the play the Shape Game in particular?

I’d play a game on any of those shape games with any color, for the fun of it.
Defy me and I’ll play it.


I am going to challenge you to one of the top version, you as black.

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So I lost to Yebellz, he managed to get 2 eyes. (me as white).
Congratulations, I’ll do better next time.

I don’t know how to link a game in the forum.


Here it is: :slight_smile:


And I won one against Samraku, still as white.

It is difficult, it is a kind of whack a mole game.
I killed all the moles but it was on the edge.


I think I messed up badly in a game against @Samraku

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Want to start some more, @yebellz @OldLion ?

I could add another correspondence game. How about the classic shape game?

I’d do 17 stone free handicap if you like.

Still with the objective for black to kill all, right?

I think I’d prefer the shape game, and I don’t mind which color.

And whatever we do, can you try setting ~353 komi? I’m curious if that will help katago out.

Okay we can try the shape game.

Anytime. I feel like playing white for a change, or two games with each color at the same time.

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I’d like to request a game as well. Since I’m bad at living, I want to be white :smiley:

I’m usually online at around 1PM GMT.

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I’ll send requests to both of you when I get home from work in a few hours.