Killing 101?

These are my last two games, and the only games I’v ever really focused on killing things. It’s really fun and I want to become good at it. Maybe even win by killing in the future.

Also does anyone know of a baduk player, who I believe was the rival of cho chikun, I think his name was sometimes kaito the killer(because he was famous for killing other pro’s stones)I cannot remember his exact name so google cant help. Would love to see matches where pros kill other pros(not literally lol).

Any shared thoughts on my killing game or topic related very much appreciated. Maybe there are some books that focus on killing?

EDIT: some people have mentioned Sakata Eio and Koichi Kobayashi as the people who could of been called the “killer”. One is known for living, and the other indeed was Chikuns biggest rival, but neither were called the killer.

Kato Masao?


yes that is the one! the kato killer

senfarbe how did you know?

I think he got mentioned in the club a few times. But I never studied his games.

Also some comments on the first game.

just an opinion, but usually its better to use the threat of death to build territory. when your opponent finally breathes a sigh of relief and lives in gote, you can take that move and seal up the giant moyo you just built why chasing him across the board

i guess a related concern is that as you’re crossing swords and wildly cutting, its easy to leave so many weaknesses behind so that if you don’t win the semeai, you basically have to resign.

threat of death is a powerful sente - but unless you’ve really read it all out, you shouldn’t count on the kill

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