Komi for 3-Color Go

Our small local group often has only three members show up, so we are considering playing some three-color go. We are wondering, however, what the komi should be. White is hurt by the third color, because now Black can get two corners and W only one. So it seems that the standard komi for W should be increased. The third color is obviously at an even greater disadvantage than W. What should his komi be, vis-a-vis B? And should third color have a different komi vis-a-vis W (perhaps the standard 6.5 since W is only one step away from the third color and has no corner advantage the way B does)? It all seems very murky. I could not find anything in Sensei’s Library about komi for 3C go; even the example games show no komi. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.


I recommend playing zengo or 2 vs 1 because it can get all 3 players fully involved while retaining the spirit of go. In 3color go, basically two player can gang up against 1 player to eliminate him and then it become 1 vs 1 again.


Yes, that seems to be the consensus from a chat discussion yesterday. As Ootakamoku said, it is a “broken game.” Too bad, it sounded interesting. We have played 1 vs. 2 simultaneous, and I have suggested all three of us playing simul using three boards. Thanks for your advice.

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This is an interesting question. I expect some people here would want to chew this over.