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Hi, I’m new to OGS and this is my first post!

I’m looking for a Korean bookstore to order books from online. I googled those words, but I didn’t have any luck. So, perhaps, you can tell me about one you know. I’m looking to get the Level Up! series and the other titles by the same publisher. I did find them in German and Dutch online stores, but I would like to explore other options…

Please, give me a list of the Korean bookstores you know starting with the most popular ones.

Thanks in advance!


Are you looking for the English or the Korean version of the books ?

http://baduktopia.co.kr/ looks like they have both for sale, but the site is in korean. You may also be able to use http://baduktopia.co.kr/AsaMall/english/ . I have never ordered from them, so I don’t know for sure.

Yellow Mountain Imports used to have these for sale but they are out of stock on most everything. I asked and they said they are supposed to get things restocked in a few months, so maybe that’s another option if you can wait. https://www.ymimports.com/collections/go-books


I want the English version, of course.

I just wrote to them to ask about prices, shipping and stuff. Thanks for your help!

That’s great news! If YM is able to get that series back in stock that would be awesome! I hope that that is true.

Could there be another Korean bookstore that carries this book series that you know of, anyone?

Please let us know when you hear back from baduktopia; I am very curious as to whether they are a practical option for international shoppers.

The book series are great; I think you will enjoy them!

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Please let us know when you hear back from baduktopia

I will do that, no problem.

I, also, e-mailed YM to ask them about this book series and see if I get the same answer - I, also, asked for a more precise date.

Let’s see what they say.

YM sent a response right back and told me to check back with them in two month’s time. Honestly, I don’t think they will carry that specific book series again, but, hopefully, I’m going to be all wrong!

How do they decide what items to carry and which ones not to carry? Does anyone know?

And I’m still waiting for the folks from the Korean bookstore to get back to me…

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Supply and demand?
In this instance, (probably) low global demand for English translations of Korean children’s Go books begets slow/no supply, even at the source.

This book gets (almost exclusively) positive reviews everywhere I’ve looked. I’m sure there’s lots of people out there trying to get a hold of this title(s). Perhaps, I should point out this to the YM people…

Yeah they probably have no idea

No response from them yet. I’m starting to think that this Korean site you linked to might not be current.

What do you think? Are they really still in business?

I really have no idea. I have used the site to print out answer sheets, but have never tried to contact them.

The English language translator, Daniela Trinks, also has a contact email for these books (http://baduktopia.dtrinks.de/pictures/contact.jpg). Maybe she knows - she is still very involved with go education (teaches at Myongji University in Korea, in the Department of Baduk Studies)

It seems pretty hard to make money publishing English language go materials - I can name several companies that have tried and either went out of business or refocused (for example on selling equipment). Being on the demand side and contacting libraries halfway across the world to see if they have the books you want, it can seem like there must a huge unsatisfied market… but apparently there are only dozens of us :confused:

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I, finally, got a response from them.

They are still in business. But, apparently, is like a one-person business - so it is slow.

They did offer me competitive prices, though. Cheaper than the German and Dutch alternatives - by about $22. And they take PayPal.



May I ask what does this link contain?

Seems to be a korean bookstore that covers go books (but not in their english version).

The page does not translate well into English, leading to funny titles such as:

Go Bad Book 2 - Penetration and Reduction
(Amateurs do not know what they do not know)


Learning to play baseball - 1. Getting started

(both seem to be go books as far as I can tell)

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