Korean countdown is not the one we're used to

I can’t speak Korean but I’ve been using the Tygem app and I’m used to Korean sound settings.
I’m wondering if the countdown in up-mode shouldn’t rather use native-korean numerals. As far as I understand the downward countdown is fine as it is: with sino-korean numerals.


I don’t speak Korean either, i think for both counting up and down it’s supposed to be native Korean numbers.

Could someone help us understand what’s really wrong and what should be done.

As a non-Korean speaker who doesn’t use those settings, I actually don’t know what you are talking about, or what should be done as a result…

The Korean language has two sets of numerals, a native Korean system and Sino-Korean system. For the OGS countdown the bot voice is counting with the Sino-Korean system. However the countdown should be in the native Korean numerals if im not mistaken


@anoek just checking if this is on your radar?

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Thanks for bringing it to my attention, I’ll get a new recording.


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