Kuksu Main Title Tournament - why disqualified?

Kuksu Main Title Tournament 14th Cycle - League D3

Can someone explain why I was disqualified?



Because you timed out of this game:

Timing out of a tournament game automatically results in disqualification by the OGS tournament system. But, since it happens automatically and doesn’t finish your other games, it may be that you’re not actually disqualified as far as the Kuksu tournament is concerned (only as far as the automatic system is concerned). According to the forum topic about the tournament you are probably fine to progress to the next round, but you’d have to ask @gamesorry.


Thank you.

Hi @pstraus, what @Vsotvep said is correct - you are ‘disqualified’ only by the default OGS tournament system which I cannot control. According to Rule 3.2 of Kuksu League ,

Players disqualified by timeout will not be considered disqualified since we only have one round.

Since you got 8 pts (with lower SODOS than the other player with 8 pts) in League D3 in the 14th Cycle, you will be considered as the 2nd place and promoted to League C as long as you sign up in time for the upcoming 15th Cycle :slight_smile:


Thank you. I will try to figure out how to sign up. and sign up on time. :slight_smile: