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Categorized as wrong but if black takes 2 with 3 it seems alive to me?


“wrong” often just means “not in the collection of answers”, its not necessarily
that someone categorized it as wrong, they could just didn’t add all possible solutions.

It is, see bottom of screenshot.

Well it’s written wrong but it is not so it’s misleading. Unless i missed something, i think they missed that black can live by taking at 3.

Besides that, well done problems have one solution only (with minor variation sometimes, which is not the case here)
Btw i enjoy that site and it’s first time i meet a failure here.

Probably there should be a white stone at 1-7 instead of 2-8, in which case the given correct answer still works but your variation dies.


Did you notify Black to Play?
If so, what is their reaction?

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I can’t (gmail) but if anyone can link this topic to them, i ll be grateful

I took the suggestion of @Uberdude to move the 2-8 stone to 1-7, hopefully the problem is correct now!
(blacktoplay is not my webpage, I just have editor access - thanks for reporting the incorrect variation @Groin!)


OGS has same problem, “incorrect” instead of “undefined”


The goal of BlackToPlay is that there should be some response to every move. So if you click “show solution” for a problem you will usually see that all local moves (even “obviously bad” ones) have manually added responses:

Additionally, lots of problems have a “standard response” for white, which means that even if you play some random spot elsewhere on the board, white will make a local move to show why you can’t tenuki.

Unfortunately it would be too much work to input all the different variations that could follow afterwards, so the tradeoff is that when a move is incorrect, you only get to see the first move of the refutation, and have to figure out why it’s incorrect yourself. Only the correct variation(s) continues for multiple moves.

Of course it’s inevitable that some human mistakes sneak in sometimes, so please continue to report if you find anything wrong! You can tag me in a thread like this or send a PM here on the forums and if it’s an easy fix I can change it quickly.

6-1 best by test 😎



Hey that’s nice and quick!
I will report to you if i find anything else.

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just sent a message to btp, will keep you informed.

Edit: quick answer:

Hello Arnoud,

Thank you for your message, and thank you for notifying me that the solution is incorrect. We are always happy when users tell us when they find an error in the solutions, so we can fix it. I saw in the forum thread that Anton (le_4TC) fixed the problem by moving the white stone on the second line to the first line, so now the answer should be correct.

I spent about 90 hours working on Black to play the week between christmas and new years. Me and a friend of mine have started making a new version of the page which will hopefully be a mobile app on App store and Google play. However, it might take a year or two before that is finished, as we can only work on it on our spare time.

Kind regards,
Robin Nilsson / Black to play

On 2022-01-03 14:59, arnoud de graaff wrote:


according to this thread:
L&D question https://forums.online-go.com/t/l-d-question/40543

puzzle solution Black to play https://blacktoplay.com/?p=1522 is incorrect.

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