Ladder cancellation

Hi, curious why a cancelled game is annulled, I guess I don’t understand the ladder if they can just cancel a challenge and it’s annulled?

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This one confuses me too. If someone challenges you on the ladder and you never make a single move, the game eventually times out and you stay on the ladder. It seems like you should be removed and have to start back at the bottom.

Otherwise, people can just dodge games from opponents who they don’t wish to play against.

I’m thinking since I’m a beginner it’s alt accounts of high level players or others that don’t want to play as you say, it sorta sucks having to figure out who they are, and even weirder as I have somebody who has started two games with me and timed out both times, I guess I’m going to have to start messaging them and asking what’s up, or just ignore them.

But in some ways it hurts the ladder scheme, so figured I’d ask everyone opinions on this, thanks for your reply

I think the other player still gets to advance if the game is annulled, so a player can’t just cancel all challenges without being pushed down the ladder.

I thought that timing out causes a player to be kicked from the ladder. I know that this at least used to be the case, but maybe things have changed?

Perhaps we’re seeing a bug. I challenged someone above me on the ladder, he never placed a stone, the game timed out. I didn’t move up. He didn’t get removed from the ladder. He effectively dodged our game with no penalty.


Ok, I guess I’m learning how the ladder works, I thought it might be a good tool to find active players in my skill range as I get little time for live games, the player I challenged did drop in rankings so no possible bug for me. Thanks for the response…

I assume you mean that they either didn’t play, or played just a few moves and then stopped (i.e., not a legitimate timeout in a fast time control). If someone does this more than once, please report it to the moderators. Some trolls like to create games they don’t play, or join other people’s games and not play. Playing a few moves and quitting is also something done by sandbaggers who are ranking down.

That does appear to be a bug. I don’t think that is the intended behavior.

I just cancelled a challenge that I received, and the other person moved up. Note: I was planning to cancel any challenges anyways, since I’m planning to withdraw from the ladder, once I wrap up one more game.

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The intended behaviour is:

  • those who timeout are kicked out of the ladder
  • those who win for whatever reason (timeout, cancellation, resign, score) climb the ladder to the position of the losing player. There’s only way up, so if the winner is already higher in rank, nothing happens
  • those who resign or cancel a game are losing the game
  • if a player is kicked out, ongoing games are not annuled. You can see a (-1) mark near his name. If that player rejoins the ladder, he will start from the bottom as usual, but those games are still valid: so, if he wins one of them, he climbs many ranks all of a sudden and gets back to a rank near his previous one.

If this is the game you were talking about:

you may see that your opponent isn’t on the ladder any more.

It’s possible.
Is this your game?

You opponent is still on the ladder above you. This actually seems to be a bug.
That game is the second to last for him. So it isn’t possible that he rejoined the ladder after that game to gain back his position.