Ladder etiquette


I am currently (against all odds and undeservedly) #1 in the site 9x9 ladder.
I’ve won a number of games in defence of my top spot but I am also now, by my reckoning, losing a couple.
I am, for the first time, in the slightly odd position of having to choose who will replace me as temporary king of the ladder.

My question is; what is the etiquette in such a situation…?
Should I make sure I complete my losing game with the player who started playing me first, thereby making him/her #1?
Or perhaps the player with whom I first reached a losing position?
Or possibly the player who I think will beat me by the greatest margin?
Maybe the one with the coolest name?
Or in alphabetical order?
The one with the best profile pic?
Perhaps I should give it to the lowest ranked player, give them a moment at the top…?

It feels fairly arbitrary at the moment, not totally fair that I am effectively going to choose the next #1.

The clock’s ticking so I would be interested to hear any of your thoughts.


That’s a funny question. :wink: There’s no etiquette regarding that. If there was any, the only norm that makes sense to me is to give it to the first player who challenged you, but you are totally free to do what you want there. I’m sure there won’t be hard feelings. :smile:

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I honestly wouldn’t worry about it too much. Maybe there is some standard etiquette I am unaware of, but if I were you, I would try to play however you “normally” would. Do you like to resign as soon as you feel you are losing? if so, do that for each game. Do you like to play basically until the end? If so, do that on each game. the #1 title will fall where it will fall. I think it does behoove you not to try to game it though. This is just my opinion, but if you were to purposely not be responsive on one game (say always use your maximum time, or go on vacation but play the other games etc) I think that player could have legitimate reason for annoyance.


What happens to the rest that beat you after the first guy? They get No. 2?

I would choose between these attributes :3

In descending order of importance:

  1. me
  2. moderators
  3. Californians
  4. lawyers
  5. musicians
  6. hosts of Crazy Nines on YouTube
  7. number of teaching games played
  8. number of game reviews
  9. last poster in this thread