Ladder games are eternal

One reason I stopped liking correspondence games, and therefore why I’m not in any ladder, is because they are eternal. Shouldn’t ladder games have shorter time controls, like 2 days per move or fisher with a maximum of 2 or 3 days? I’m not critisicing, I’m just curious about if I’m the only one in favor of this opinion.


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I believe they’re set to 3d+1d / max 7d right now, so they’re currently even shorter than you propose… that still means that some games can last many months though, just kind of the nature of correspondence games.

Oh, yes, those examples of time controls that I gave were awful. :smile: I still wonder though. 12h fisher increment with 36h maximum? I don’t know… Maybe correspondence games aren’t for me :smile:

[quote=“mlopezviedma, post:3, topic:769”]
Maybe correspondence games aren’t for me :smile:
[/quote]Perhaps you don’t play enough of ’em at the same time? Join a tournament :smiley:

I was thinking of doing just that, @trohde :smiley: I’m gonna give them another chance :smile:

I actually think I agree that 7d max times are a bit too long… with the next patch new ladder games will have their max times reduced to 3d from 7d.

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