Ladder Legend - 2021

Well here they are folks, our fearless warriors for ‘Ladder Legend 2021’ glory.

The tournaments filled up after 2 or 3 days of invitations. For the 9x9, invitations reached as far down the ladder as position 11. For the 13x13 and 19x19, position 13 and 15 were the last to receive invitations respectively.

This year no one has qualified for all three tournaments, perhaps showing how hotly contested OGS ladders are.

I wish all participants good games and invite the rest of us to enjoy the less stressful option of observing from a safe distance. :smiley:

Here are the links:


The more observant amongst you may have noticed that I have followed the convention of assigning a colour to the ‘Ladder Legend’ Titles as of last year. Ladder Legend titles are fuschia. eg:


Awesome. Could we have it for each season? Spring Summer…
It’s so long to wait a year!

We could have something separate. Maybe a round robin. And there’s no need for complicated invitation system then because unaccepted invitation spot can be empty.

Imagine top 20 9x9 players all battling each other in round robin, or even 30!

It’s time for some results :star_struck:

For: Ladder Legend 9x9 - 2021

and for: Ladder Legend 13x13 - 2021

The final of the 13x13 title was a 0.5 game!


…and here are the results for Ladder Legend 19x19 2021: