Ladder rank confusion

I don’t usually pay close attention to where I’m ranked on a ladder except when I’m challenging new opponents, and I find that I’m now confused about something and trying to figure out what happened.

In my history, five days ago, I see this game, won by me: . I don’t know of any way to get the “ladder properties” of a game, other than via its title; it is titled “Ladder Challenge: gwillen(#215) vs oldwizard1(#131)” and is a 9x9. As far as I can tell, the challenger is always listed first, plus challenges always go up the ladder, so this should be a game I initiated against someone ranked #131 on the ladder, when I was #215, and I won it.

But my rank on the ladder shows #227, which seems impossible under a reasonable ranking system (I don’t know how slippage that happened after the challenge is counted, but it doesn’t matter unless almost 100 people have passed both of us on the ladder since the game started, which at 9x9 is not plausible.)

Is this a bug? If so, can you repair my rank somehow? If not, can you help me understand what happened? To be clear, I’m drawing inferences from my own game history about what I think should have happened – I have no direct recollection of any facts about my ranking or win history except those the interface gives me. Correspondence takes too long for that. :slight_smile:


oldwizard1 is not participating in any ladders now. I guess he either withdrew from the ladder, or he timed out of a ladder game. This must have happened after your game started but before it ended. So when the game ended, he wasn’t in the ladder, so you didn’t take his place. So you stayed #215, and also slipped a few places to #227.

Ahhhh, thanks. That’s annoying and sad but at least it makes sense!