Ladder sometimes displays wrong initial page


Hi, it’s a very little problem, but here it is:

at the moment I am #299 in the site ladder 9x9.
When i click the link in my homepage to see the ladder, i see page 15, that is player #278 to #297.

I’s a small bug that occours when my position in the ladder is near the end of the page.
See images:


Hi, some time later…

I’m now #120 in the site 19x19 ladder.
If i click the link “Site 19x19 ladder” in my profile page it brings me to page #7, users from #121 to #140 (I didn’t change the default of 20 players per page).

Still a small issue, but still present.

@GreenAsJade, I invoke your help! :smiley:


Congratulations on your rise in the world.

I haven’t seen this in the bug list, and will raise it.



Thank you.


What browser version and OS version do you see this under @lysnew ?


Firefox on Win7 and Chome on Android.
I don’t think it’s a matter of browser but I can’t double check because now I’m #121!


For some reason now I’m #120 again.
I checked on IE11, Chrome 64 and Firefox 58 on Win7 and all of them do the same.


Hi @anoek, @GreenAsJade ,

I see the bug is closed on github but had the same problem few days ago.
I was #100 and was sent to page #5 (100 / 20 players per page), but my record was the first on page #6.

Since the bug is fixed I tried to figure how could it be and found this:

If I remember correctly this isn’t the first time that many players on the ladder has the same rank. Maybe there is some other bug about player’s rank after a game.
When this happens, also the math that calculates which page to send the player becomes inconsistent.


Moreover: since page #51 starts with rank 991 instead of 1001, there must be nine more duplicates somewhere in the ladder above rank 1000.


Here is next one:


And so on…


Thanks for the update.

To be honest, I think the logic for this is quite wrong anyhow :slight_smile:

I don’t want to be placed near the top of the page, I want to be on the bottom of the page, so I can see the maximum number of people above e that I can challenge.


You’re welcome.

Yes, because on the ladder we only look up. :slight_smile:
But it couldn’t be enough.

Ladder rules allow to challenge players that are many ranks (and pages) far from you and I had two different motivations to do so:

  • if you want to climb fast, you look for the farthest player that you can challenge
  • if you are near the top, then it’s difficult to find players to challenge because they are all too strong, so you have to scroll the whole list to pick one that isn’t too much stronger

It would be nice to be on bottom of the page and also have a filter (just like the one in the “play” page) that shows only eligible players, and a scrollbar to view them all.

Anyway, twin ranks should be avoided.


It’s still happening and…