Ladder withdrawal bug? All games resigned

I just withdrew from a ladder because I wanted to stop accepting new ladder games, but it caused me to lose all of the games I had running, which was certainly not my intention. Is this supposed to happen, and if so, is it documented anywhere, and does it affect one’s rating?

Yes. You are either in or out of the ladder. You can’t be in the ladder and not accept games.
It should have told you this when you withdrew(I did some translating and there was a string of that kind)

I received no message stating that all games would be resigned, or anything like it. I also didn’t mean that one should still be in the ladder, but rather that games that would not be annulled be continued as standard rated games separate from the ladder, while ones position in the ladder is removed and the ability to challenge or be challenged is gone.

This is how it worked in the old OGS, prior to the merge with nova, at least.

There is definitely an issue here where we should have warned you that withdrawing from the ladder would end your ladder games. However we won’t be changing the overall behavior… it’s just not fair to the person that challenged you to all of a sudden not be playing a game with ladder stakes when they challenged you for that purpose, regardless of how it worked on the old OGS site.

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To me, it feels odd that one can’t join the ladder without committing to resigning multiple rated games when you no longer want to participate. I would say that they should all be annulled instead, in that case, but I don’t know if that would lead to people pulling out of the ladder because they don’t want to lose rated games, or if it wouldn’t be a big enough problem to worry about.

The games will still be annulled if you cancel them early so you could cancel new challenges until you finish your game and then withdraw

Is it possible to make the process of cancelling games automatic. So that you can select to withdraw so that perhaps any new challenges you received are automatically annulled until you finish existing games and are then withdrawn from the ladder.

A downside to this workaround is that it gives “free climbs” to all of those challengers.

What do you think about the proposal that I had in this thread about allowing players to enter “limbo” when leaving (committing them to the withdrawal while blocking new challenges)?