Ladderbug, not being dropped out after a timeout

It is not exploiting the bug. Ther are the rules like this. And how someone can call other cheater becouse of rules?

Does this bug still exist? I just won 3 games by timeout and all of them got kicked…

As of today I’m not sure, but in the last few months yeah.

It felt like it happened more often with no moves played by the person who timed out than if they had played a bunch of moves. I wasnt really keeping track though, just reporting the ones that didn’t get auto-kicked.

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(hopefully) not. Should have been fixed some weeks ago. Do let us know though if you find some irregularities.


Will do, thanks for the update.


So the hunting season is open: let’s catch all of these idle users! :grin:
Let’s make the ladders clean again! :smile:



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Started from the bottom (of the ladder)!

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