Ladderbug, not being dropped out after a timeout

The old bug seems to be back, timeouts won’t automatically kick the player out from the ladder as it is now.

I lost a ladder game last night, but it seems that i’m still at the ladder. I don’t want to sound like i’m complaining or anything, in fact i’m quite happy that i didn’t got kicked out and i welcome this bug today, but i just thought it’s worth mentioning that the bug is back again.


As I recall, it was always fixed by hand case by case.

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I see i see.
No need to fix this case, it’s perfecty acceptable to just leave it like this ^____^


One more case of the same problem - Somebody timed out on me and the result of the game is not being reflected -


I have the same problem - challenged two people on the same day, neither of them played a move. They booth timed out and we are all still in the same position on the ladder. Climbing the ladder like this might take some time :pensive:


So just to revive this with a question, should we report every game where the ladder hasn’t updated after a timeout?

Should we report it when the ranking hasn’t changed or the person hasn’t been dropped out of the ladder?

Also how long would it be usual to wait for the ladder update and other changes by themselves to take effect after a game ends?

I think it’s useful to report anyway.
If your rank needs to be adjusted, a mod can do it.
If your opponent didn’t fell off the ladder, maybe mods can do it (sometimes they can’t, but that shouldn’t be always the case).
And also it gives the measure of the issue: if nobody reports, does the issue even exist? :grin:


Each time it happens I report in game and in forum, to let know the bug still run and to have the ladder running as it should be

Btw it’s easier to take screenshots of the ladder when you get new challenges to keep track. And it seems that only the 19 ladder has this bug.

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Then again, pushing it to the extreme, if I’m starting at the bottom of the ladder anyway, I could look for people above me who I expect to time out.

If they aren’t auto removed, every 3 ish days there could be two or so people to remove from the ladder.

It seems like a lot of manual work added to mods jobs.


The ladder is an important feature of OGS. It’s for exemple a good opportunity to play (quite) stronger players and to make friendship too.

I’m for helping it running even if it gives some manual work at the time. Reporting takes time too.

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I do feel kind of bad in reporting a game to get a player thrown out of the ladder.

At the same time, it’s plausible many more people will just end up challenging and having it timeout similarly.

I presume (hope) it’s not a legitimate way to move up the ladder by picking players who are likely to timeout. I mean, timing out without playing any moves specifically.


You can have the reverse argument that it’s more honorific to be at x position between 2000 players as between 1000, and avoid to kick out players for that.

I’m ready to be kicked out if that happens for myself, it’s just part of the deal. After that you may want to go up quickly too have more interesting competition through eliminating some no more active players.
I used myself the 3 challenges to get stronger, weaker and sometimes inactive to be sure to play interesting games and go up at the same time. But everyone has his own way, i see that others only play around their level, that’s ok for me, their freedom of choice. In my own way I did get the chance to play a few low dans, a pro and a 7d around (both timed-out games I had no chance at all to win but still I had a great experience in these games).

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I use game info. It keeps also ladder ranks.

And you also could search the forum for candidates. :grin:
Cheaters gonna cheat. :smile:

I understand that. But I think that those players aren’t doing any good to the ladder itself. Having a bunch of players not interested in playing games is actually annoying: everyone who challenges them must wait 3 days in vain and then look for someone else to challenge


This happens before it’s probably just a bug that OGS needs to fix

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I think this is exactly what is quite annoying. If it is ‘cheating’ to move up the ladder when an opponent times out without playing a move, and you don’t want to look like you’re cheating the system, then maybe you won’t report it when the system fails to eject people who time out from the ladder and move you up a place.

I challenged three people that looked about my current rank, without checking their profiles. Two of those people times out without playing a move. The only thing I used to pick those people were, they were the furthest up the ladder I could challenge and they were close enough to my rank.

So there’s again the feeling of should I be reporting these things so that the ladder is functioning correctly or should I ignore it so it doesn’t look like I’m gaming the system some way to move quickly up the ladder.

It would be great if this got fixed. It seems like the 19x19 ladder has been broken for a long time, whether it’s with places not being adjusted automatically, people not be dropped out properly or even if you want to leave and it won’t let you.


No feeling here, report and let’s clean that ladder until the bug is fixed.

Strong pejorative words here for the ones using the system in their advantage.

When you climb the ladder, you will meet more active players and more interesting games so it doesn’t matter that much if sometimes you met a timed-out player, and if you really want to avoid, just play with players who have games running to be more sure. (But then it’s bit unfair to let the ones without games and who wants to play, there is no perfection).

A bug it’s a bug.
Exploiting a bug is cheating.
No feeling here. :wink:

Which bug are we talking about here? A player who join the ladder but who has taken a break or become inactive and hence times out of new challenges isn’t exactly a bug.

If it’s that you can move up the ladder when someone times out, I’m not sure that’s a bug either otherwise whenever you’re losing you could let your game timeout. Also if the adjustment is more or less happening manually now it seems intended.

Either way being able to move up the ladder by timing out an opponent, say when the game gets annulled (first couple of game moves) doesn’t seem right, unless that’s what you want to encourage in order to bump inactive people out of the ladder.

I dunno it still feels odd, to report people on one hand, and then be called a cheater for it on the other…

The bug is that those who do timeout aren’t disqualified and stay there, allowing other players to challenge them and win by timeout again and again.

If all worked as intended, they would be dropped from the ladder after first timeout and just one player would beat them and take their place.
It wouldn’t be possible for other players to hunt them and challenge them in order to quickly climb the ladder.

That’s what I meant when talking about cheating.

I may agree with this.
We could ask for a change in ladder rules so that an annulled match doesn’t grant higher place.
What I’d like to keep though is that people not playing was moved away from the ladder.


Yeah this part makes sense

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