Last move played timestamp

I wonder if players on this website would be comfortable with adding a “last move played” timestamp in the UI, in particular for correspondance games. This question was asked here but I think it was discussed too superficially: Last time here (POLL)🕓 - #11 by Groin

The main reason why I would like this feature added is because I would like to know by how much I missed my opponent in a correspondance game when I notice they played a move. I know, I could use my mail notifications, I’m being lazy. My mailbox is already full and I’m playing Go to stay away from that box. :slight_smile:

I’m curious to know your opinion on this topic.

  • Yes: show last move time
  • No: keep last move time hidden

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If you keep you fischer clock maxed, you can easily see how long ago your opponent played by how much time has elapsed on your clock.


That’s a good point! However, it is precise to the hour, so unfortunately it cannot really work. Besides, I can’t assume when the clock was needed before their move.

By the way, I noticed I had the email notifications disabled, so I will be turning those on from now on.

I’d like to see times… but where? Maybe hover over tooltip above the analysis stones?

Why not in the Game Information pop-up?

(sorry about my deleted posts in this thread, I had trouble understanding how the reply function worked on this forum. Thankfully, I figured it out now.)

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How about seeing timestamps for all moves after the game is over? This information could provide more context about the game.


Personally I’d be fine with anything, but it is a bit of a privacy issue. I imagine some players might occasionally make moves while formally being working. They might not want a record of that.

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For this to become a problem there are several conditions that should be met:

  • the boss should also be a go player and playing on OGS (how often does that happen?)
  • the go player should have a username that can be redirected to their real name (rather careless if you play go during working hours)
  • a player should be so careless that they is caught in the act.

Well if a player is careless with their privacy, they will run into troubles sooner or later anyhow.