Latest games metadata

Is there an api to get metadata for all games played in the last, say, 30 days? I don’t need the game records themselves, just the players’ names and some other metadata. I’m thinking of creating a visualisation of the ogs games network based on the games played in the last 30 days, to be updated once a day with the new games.

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There is some documentation here:

It ought to be able to do what you want, since G0tstats can get that info.

I looked through those docs but I could not find what I was looking for. What gostats is doing is something like

curl -X GET “

to get some games of a user (with id 296 in this case).

It might be a bit too excessive to get all user ids and then execute get requests for each just to get the latest games metadata.

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Because of the regular updates, I won’t need the data for the whole month of course. Just the games played in the last 24 hours would be sufficient.

Yeah the whole API seems very user-id focussed. But what about

I couldn’t immediately see if this was only going to give you your “own” games if you are logged in, or if it gives you them all

This looks promising

curl -X GET “

Similar to what Gotstats does. Would be interesting to know where they got the details for this request from.

I’m getting some games from 2106 and 2019. Nice.