Layout broken (unusable) on mobile device

I really appreciate all the work, sweat and time you put into the new update. Thank you for that!

Unfortunately on my mobile device the screen with all the current games I play, is very broken. It looks like a lot of things are pushing to a too big width.

Could you please have a look?

Thank you and best

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Same issue here on Safari on iphone:

Is anyone going to take care of this? Is it on any bug tracker or something? Or can I help in some way?

Hey, generally since the new version bugs are reported here:

start an issue there listing all the important info you can think of (browser + version, what phone…) and I am sure Anoek will take a look when appropriate. :slight_smile:



Notes from @anoek:

P.S.: I find landscape mode gives a better interface for the time being.

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