Leaderboard points

Is there a way to see your leaderboard points anywhere and if possible a breakdown of how these points were calculated e.g. Tournament X win contributed 5 points?


They don’t actually appear to make a lot of sense, do they!?

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i believe they are win ratios for specific game formats.

Well you don’t get x points for winning a tournament, the number you see is basically a fraction indicating how well you did at tournaments and this fraction decays over time. It basically answers the question “Who’s been winning most sidewide non-title tournaments in category X recently?”

At least that’s how it used to work, and the number used to be capped at 10.0 but now there’s some guy with 14 odd points. Who knows, maybe bugged, maybe the system changed,…

According to the help it does appear to be some sort of ratio.

I would love for the point system to work like for example tennis which then leads to a season score and player ranking (although I guess the kyu ranking also provides this but in a very different way).

It might also ensure higher and more serious participation in key tournaments.

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