So leaderboards:
Do we even need them

  1. They’re inaccurate
  2. No one even uses them
  3. What do the numbers next to the usernames even mean?
  4. I ran out of reasons to rant about, so there is no 4
    So, can we either get rid of the leaderboards, or make it so that it looks at the glicko ratings of individual players, then looks at who has the highest on those, and compiles the leaderboards from that.

or something like that

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No, we don’t need them and compiling glicko rating to a ranking isn’t a good idea either. Glicko is not accurate enough for the top players.

then get rid of them

But neither ratings nor glicko have anything to do with ogs leaderboards?

Leadeerboards are based on success at sitewide automated tournaments, thats why both live 13x13 and blitz 9x9 are empty (or filled with random users with 0.00 score) because there simply aren’t sitewide tourneys with those settings.

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I don’t care

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I didn’t know the site even had them.

My solutions (and these are the same solutions for the people who seem intensely irritated that the site uses and displays Glicko2 ratings and not uses Glicko2 but displays only as kyu stuff instead) are

a - don’t read them. It’s a free world and you don’t have to!

since the above will obviously fail as people apparently ‘have’ to read them.

b - request a change so that you can choose on your profile to ‘hide’ the table/structure you dislike (or perhaps display data differently)

and as a professional developer myself I don’t see why this should jump to the top of anyone’s development queue so

c - learn to code then apply the ‘b’ change to a branch and then you have a great chance of seeing it implemented and upsetting no-one!

There you go. Solved. :slight_smile:

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Closing because OP doesn’t care about answers to his (complaints) questions.