League Match Scheduling Suggestion


First of all - thanks for setting up this league, it looks like it will be very fun and I’m excited to participate.

I’d like to make a suggestion for making scheduling easier for the classes, especially those larger classes with 7+ players.

Many of the players are in very disparate time zones, making scheduling a challenge to begin with. I’ve found PM through the website is already a challenge due to the intermittent responses of my opponents and PMing through the forums is difficult as sometimes their forum ID cannot be found.

I asked if I could create a forum thread for my league class for everyone to post their schedules, but I was asked not to by an admin. This is understandable as it would heavily clutter the forum if there was a thread for each class.

However, I think a consolidated location for each class to post schedules would be a great asset. Perhaps a private messaging thread/mini forum can be implemented somewhere? The league website would be a convenient location for this.

Taking this idea a step further, even some sort of calendar feature can be developed for schedule posting. This would also help alleviate the time zone issues.

What are your thoughts?



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Hey @Antipathy!

Thanks for your suggestion and happy new year! :smile:

Yeah, that “admin” was me. Haha

The great difficulty of this implementation is: we have 22 classes, and splitting the schedules apart would produce 22 separate threads…

As for mini-forums or calendars, we will be thinking of those in the future :smile: If you happen to know any tools that will help greatly, please let us know.

PM/Mail on site do seem to work well…It could take a little while for your opponents to see, but once they notice your PM a great conversation or friendship could be sparked! :blush:

Cheers, xhu98

Just found Doodle, but it’s $39/year…Hmm :worried:

Xhu98 Everyone can use Doodle for free. Like I Did for my matches so you don’t need to Implement doodle in the Page just recomend it and if their is need for a Tutorial on Doodle I could write one

Hello Antipathy, while I agree that it is complicated with the timezone differences, I would like to ask what exactly the difference is between using the forum for getting in contact with your opponent and using the site mail system? I agree that sometimes players will miss the messages through the website but, it is hard to miss the big blue number 1 when it lights up if you get a mail in your OGS mailbox. Have you tried using it yet? Please let me know if that gives you difficulties as well. Thank you very much for your input!

Hi Mikasa,

It seems that I misunderstood what “site mail” meant at first. I took this to mean a forum PM, which was challenging due to some members not being registered on the forums at the time. After realizing from your post that the OGS site had a mail feature in addition to the messaging feature (which must have not noticed for a very long time), I now feel a bit ignorant. :smile:

But yes, to answer your question, the ability for the entire class to communicate with each other simultaneously and with transparency was what I was looking for. I believe that the OGS mail would fit perfectly. I’ll give that a try for next month.



Hey @Antipathy,

We actually have plans of making a web application using Google App Scripts, which will eventually streamline the process. That will hopefully be realized in the upcoming months. :smile: