Learn Go Week 2014: September 13 - September 20


Kuroneko’s Stream is online right now!

And we already have 43 observers! :smiley:

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Okay I’m pretty busy but I will try to get to them, school:P



My and @ST000MA’s lecture will begin in 10 minutes. It’s about the 9x9 board, yo!

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Hello! 2nd round of Learn Go Week Tournaments starts very late (for me :new_moon_with_face: ), and that is why I will not review games directly after the tournaments… However, you are welcome to send me a link for the game you want to review, and I will post review ling here tomorrow! Talk with your opponents, other participants of the tournament, to decide which games you want to review (please, don’t send me 4 or more ^_^)! I prefer 9x9 board, but also will accept games from 13x13 and 19x19 tournaments! (But note that those boards are much bigger, so no more than 2 games for 13x13 and 1 for 19x19) :blush:




St000ma’s reviews for the 9x9 Tournament! :slight_smile:

Thanks St000ma!

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