Learn Go Week 2014: September 13 - September 20

#LEARN GO WEEK 2014 IS OVER! :hearts:

#**Learn Go Week: September 13 - September 20** **Born as an idea from our friends over at [GoGameGuru][3], we are being a part of the World's Biggest Go Event: Learn Go Week!**

For a whole week, OGS will feature Public Lectures and Tournaments for everyone who would like to participate! Our goal is, to bring new players to the game and also have a great time with all the players that are already around.

Tell your friends about it, too! :smiley:

But wait, there is more! You can help too! We encourage every player on OGS to offer Free Lessons and Free Teaching Games during the week! Take some time and help a Beginner! :sunny:

# Schedule

(Click Picture for Bigger View!)

#Click here for Google Calendar!

# Drawing Contest:

We will also hold a drawing contest! Taking part is very easy! :smiley:

Create a demo board on OGS and draw a nice picture with the drawing tool provided! Click on this text to switch to the official forum thread for the drawing contest! The contest will be held during the whole Learn Go Week, and winners will be decided by the public.

Win some nice prizes! :sunny:

# Tournaments:

These six tournaments are aimed for total and slightly advanced beginners. You can register up to rank of 16 Kyu and participate. If you are totally new to OGS, you have to play 5 ranked games before you can register. Play them quick or take your time, that is up to you. :slight_smile:

We hope to see many beginners take part in the tournament, and wish you good games!

Here’s also some basic live tournament F.A.Q. when you are new to OGS:

1) How do I notice the tournament started?

  • Check the upper right corner. You will notice a small blue square with a number, indicating the start of the tournament.

2) What do I do when I finished a game?

  • Check the upper right corner. You will notice a small black square that will indicate your turn, once your next game starts!

3) The game ended, and I haven’t even noticed it started?!

  • If your opponent plays first, you will not notice the new game
    starting until he did his first move. If he times out without doing a
    single move, you will get noticed that you won the game.

4) When will the Tournament start?

  • That’s easy to find out! Just check out the links provided lower in this forum announcement. :slight_smile:

[13x13 - Friday, September 12, 17:00 UTC][7] When is that in my local time? **Winner: [tenemelke][8]**

9x9 - Saturday, September 13, 17:00 UTC
When is that in my local time?

Winner: vranzel

19x19 - Sunday, September 14, 18:00 UTC
When is that in my local time?

Winner: shleeve

13x13 - Thursday, September 18, 23:30 UTC
When is that in my local time?

Winner: shleeve

9x9 - Friday, September 19, 23:30 UTC
When is that in my local time?

Winner: Kril

19x19 - Saturday, September 20, 23:30 UTC
When is that in my local time?


# Lectures:

###Levvo (1 Dan)

###In this lesson, Levvo will focus on the fundamentals of Go and teach you the differences between good and bad shapes. He will take a look at the whole board and improve your thinking about global and local moves!

###-> 20:00, Friday, September 12 :green_apple:
###Review: http://online-go.com/demo/30166

###Mikasa (4 Dan)

###Mikasa will focus on endgame, also called yose, in this lecture. A lot of beginners have problems with the correct moves for ending a game; Mikasa will focus on the proper moves! Beginners and experienced players are both welcome to learn and improve!

###-> 20:00, Saturday, September 13 :pineapple:
###Review: http://online-go.com/demo/32325

###Xhu98 (2 Dan)

###Xhu will be showing some very interesting games from his childhood and explain them in detail! His analysis will help beginners and experienced players alike, to see typical mistakes and to improve at the game!

###-> 12:00, Sunday, September 14 :lemon:
###Review: http://online-go.com/demo/32363

###Kuroneko (5 Dan) - Live Video Stream on Twitch.tv!

###Kuroneko’s Lecture will be in a video stream live at twitch.tv. Beginners and experienced players are both very welcome to have a good time and enjoy the show. Kuroneko is a regular streamer with a very friendly attitude and helps all of his viewers to improve at Go!

###-> 23:59, Monday, September 15 :apple:

Review: http://online-go.com/review/32534

###Pathogenix (6 Kyu), Franzisa (8 Kyu)

###A lesson for total beginners! Pathogenix and Franzisa will be showing the absolute basics and then go in-detail on standard tips and tricks, that every beginner should have heard of.

###-> 18:00, Tuesday, September 16 :peach:
###Review: http://online-go.com/demo/32577

###Mark5000 (1 Dan), ST000MA (10 Kyu)

###A lot of beginners start their playing career on a 9x9 board. So why not learn something about the 9x9 board by a Dan player and his assistent. Prepare to learn about the specific differences to the other board sizes and learn something new, making you stronger on the small boards!

###-> 19:00, Wednesday, September 17 :banana:
###Review 1: https://online-go.com/demo/32725
###Review 2: https://online-go.com/demo/32718


##Want to participate in the Learn Go Week with your own stuff?

##Comment down here. :slight_smile:


Players that are offering Teaching Games for you Beginners:

Click on one of the Usernames below to open the Profile! Then click on “Send Message”!

Cab (10 Kyu)
Crodgers (9 Kyu)


Also important to know: ST000MA (10 Kyu) will publically review some of the 9x9 games on September 13, and some of the 19x19 on September 14 directly after the tournament! :sunny:
###Review 1: http://online-go.com/review/32329
###Review 2: http://online-go.com/review/32332
###Review 3: http://online-go.com/review/32336
###Review 4: https://online-go.com/review/32980


Also, y’all know what’s happening on September 19 :smile: A Friday :sunglasses:


What a great initiative; I like it!

I like to teach as well so I’ll happily offer teaching games to beginners. I’m not a dan, but if you are one I can teach you how to lose. :smiley:


My dream comes true :open_mouth:


Great initiative!

BenGoZen had a really nice article about introducing new players to go. Some very nice points to keep in mind for when we reach out to complete beginners.



Add me to the list @Franzisa. I will give a teaching game.


Hello everyone.

I’ve started a topic in the Life in 19x19 forums for Learn Go Week so there is a place where people can see what others are up to all around the world and get ideas, make suggestions and comment.

Hopefully Learn Go Week will become a great international annual event!



Thanks for the topic, tzorec! I replied to it. :smiley:

If all of you would spread this announcement with your Go friends, we can get a lot more people! :smiley:

Somebody just asked me [on Google+ where I had shared this][1]:

Wait … you have to play 5 ranked games before you can start to learn?

What can I answer him?

TIA, Tom
[1]: https://plus.google.com/u/0/104221517213858297827/posts/AiYT4MsWxvh

OK, answering myself: this requirement is only for participating in the tournaments, right?

And this requirement is to ensure a little bit that no escapers, etc. play in the tourneys.?

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You need 5 ranked games before you can have an influence on other people’s rating.
It has nothing to do with learning.

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Tournaments can be created such that they disallow provisional players. When you are first starting out on the server you have to play 5 games before you are no longer provisional. Most people elect to go this approach to increase the quality of participation in the tournament.

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No worries! :smiley:

The lectures are open for everyone! No games needed. :sunny:

For the tournament, you need 5 ranked games played beforehand.

If you have a good reason why you couldn’t play 5 ranked games before the tournaments, but want to participate, you can still leave me (or any other of the mods) a message and we will invite you manually! :blush:

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Hello! I think it would be good to review some of their games, and tournaments are great for that! So after tournaments, participants will chose few games to review. I would like to help reviewing for 9x9 on Saturday, September 13, and 19x19 on Sunday, September 14. Help of other players appreciated! :smile:
Note that there are still 4 tournaments (two 13x13, one 9x9, one 19x19) which can be reviewed…


I added you to the player list up there, St000ma! :smiley:

Thanks for your help!

I already saw some nice drawing’s. here’s mine:


Hey Kungfu Panda!

The contest isn’t open yet, and I will announce it shortly before Learn Go Week starts. :slight_smile:

So you might want to keep your picture private until then. :smiley: (Nice drawing, though!)

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I added the Info for Mikasa. :slight_smile:

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Uh, @Levvo’s lecture also teaches you how to draw!

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