Learning from AI reviews

Especially in 9x9 and 13x13 games, I’ve noticed that the AI suggested moves are way over my head (since they assume high level play from both players thereon). And sometimes the top three big point “mistakes” that it points out are unhelpful, while smaller valued suggestions can make some sense to me.

So I’m changing how I use the AI to help me review.

So I wonder if you have discovered tips for self-reviewing with AI assistance that you’d like to share. What have you learned?

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I have subscription so I don’t have to rely in meager top 3 suggestions and small number of play outs.


How I use it? I really only look up section I have questions about. Most of moves are correct or have insignificant value difference, so it would turn into informational noise instead of review for me.

In my head it goes next way:

Me: “Sensei, what is correct move right here?”

Sensei: Silently shows best move and handful of other less optimal moves for ignorant me to understand what is the idea he has.

Me: Trying to digest this wisdom viciously.

You need to formulate concrete questions then your answers will also be concrete.
Getting approval on what I do correctly also helps tremendously. I can know that the feeling I have there is correct and I don’t need to change anything, just continue in same key.


There’s also Baduk Doctor’s video on the topic:


What I like to do, is look at the moves the AI considers to be big mistakes, come up with alternative moves and ask the AI if those lose fewer points. Then I try some variations to find out why they are better. If I don’t find any other moves, I go back a few moves to find a simpler variation.