Learning joseki

Hi all

Does anyone know any good online resources for learning joseki? Obviously the number of joseki is vast and most are probably not needed - even pros often keep to the simpler variations so the game is not a test of memory rather than skill. Whilst I do know some joseki and am gradually learning more and more, I find they are not front of mind enough for me to work through the variations in my head to help with choosing the right joseki for the fuseki.

What i am after is an online resource that gradually introduces more and more joseki and then regularly “tests” you to ensure you can remember them.

I am aware of online resources such as Guo Juan’s IGS; dailyjoseki.com and josekipedia. Of these Guo Juan’s website is probably closest.

Any suggestions would be most welcome.


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http://www.josekipedia.com/ | http://ps.waltheri.net/

these two are my favourite

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… I use those too, but they are “reference libraries” rather than “an online resource tha gradually introduces and tests”.

I’ve wished for the same thing myself…

This one sounds really good, but I wasn’t able to register :frowning: (seems like the site has certificate issues)

I tried dailyjoseki for a while but it seemed to randomly introduce new joseki that i hadn’t learnt. You’re right - i don’t think it operates any longer.

I don’t know anything that exactly answers your request, but I would suggest taking a look at some of Sibicky’s lectures on YouTube. Several of them (dealing with fuseki, openings, and different approach moves) have good joseki information.

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Will do. Thanks.

For SDK and dan players, I’d like to put this Youtube channel on the map:

First, I really like the backwards analysis. Second, it is one of the very few post-AlphaGo resources out there. It just started a month ago but looks promising.


I am working on exactly this and calling it Joseki Tutor for Beginners. It has only four joseki at this stage though all the material is there. Please contact me with any feedback. There’s currently no way to reorder “puzzles” in a collection on OGS, so once I get far enough along it’s hard to add material to earlier sections.