Learning patterns in a subliminal way

I made some Videos for Learning GO patterns in a subliminal way…

What do you think about these?

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I’d have to watch this a thousand times for it to have any chance of subliminally remembering any and I can guarantee that I will have a headache every single time. Also if I had time to stare at it for an hour straight, I’d rather actively study.

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I find these quite interesting, especially after playing around with the speed setting (behind the gear wheel):

Curious to see more of your experiments.


Another idea may be to make a pause when each Joseki is finished (if possible), this could help “burn” the end situation into the viewer’s retina.


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Maybe make them start over from move one for every new variation? Even at .25 speed I never have a base for how we got to the position and thus it’s much more difficult for me to parse the moves in any meaningful way. Until I have a bit of context, which can be given just by starting with the first move of the joseki every time, I’m barely looking at anything more than arbitrary black and white dots on a goban. Arbitrary things are hard to remember.