Leave Game Notes To Your Future Self

sorry, i’m using this thread as an ideas list

for those of us 50 correspondence games running - the ability to leave notes to your future self (i don’t know how many times i’ve read something out only to play the wrong and trivial response 2 days later)

or - a more flexible set of conditional moves which don’t just evaporate every time the opponent plays - more like a set of persistent connections or reactions between points


So you mean the malkovich log?


HowToPlay, some people want their notes to themselves private forever, not visible to everyone except opponent. I’ve seen that feature talked about on reddit as well why some people don’t play here. Perhaps one day OGS will offer public, malkovich, and private as 3 log types during a match.

i’ve never used it…does it show up on the board?

If you make an share the variation while under the malkovich log, then yes.

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Bad idea, and “sorry” doesn’t make it better :wink:

Therefore I’ve moved your comment and the replies to this newly created thread.

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