Leaving the page during a live game shouldn't cause resignation

It shouldn’t. It should be just like correspondence games, where you have a time limit and you are notified when it is your move.

It’s designed like that because people would leave when they had lost instead of resigning.

You also are given 1-2 minutes to get back to the page before it forces you to resign, if you disconnected you’re given 5 minutes to get back to the game. It’s a fair system.

The auto-resign timer addresses several problems. First, there are lots of players who lose their Internet connection and can’t resume the game. Without auto-resign the other player has to wait up to 20-30 minutes before they can start another game. Second, there are “escapers” who start games and leave when losing. This also makes their opponents wait for several minutes, and if you’ve been on that side of things you know it’s pretty annoying. More notorious are the cheaters who leave a game with lots of time on the clock and wait for their opponent to leave so they can come back and make a move and win by time out. Yikes!

The auto-resign feature makes sure that the innocent player waits no more than 2 minutes even if no moderator is present. It does catch innocent players sometimes, but we like to think the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. If you get bored you can always open a second tab to browse without leaving the game.

The problem is that I want to do day long games on my phone (4 ish hours per player plus byo yomi) and I want to be able to navigate away from the page or let my phone go idle (this is on my phone). If the correspondence game settings allowed you to set the time limits in terms of hours instead of days, that would also fix the problem I’m having.

Thanks for the quick responses.

That makes sense. And I feel your second solution is a good one. If the natural pace of the game means players are coming and leaving, then it probably should be counted as a correspondence time setting and there wouldn’t be a resign timer. If you like you can make a feature request on OGS Uservoice, although I’m pretty certain this timing is already possible with Fischer settings. Have you tried Fischer timing with 4-hour increments? It’s a correspondence setting, and it sounds like what you’re looking for.


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