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I think the “hand of god” and “divine move” labels arose from the widespread and immediate reaction that genuinely believed that the move was effective. Gu Li 9p (providing the Chinese commentary) may been the most influential source for that phrase, since he is reported to have made such an exclamation upon seeing that move. Of course, the popular media is going to firmly latch onto such language, regardless of later analysis/refutations.

It certainly surprised a lot of people and the vast majority did not know about the refutation until later careful analysis. If we want to think of it as a trick play, then it must be the one of most famous trick plays of all time. Regardless, I think it is still fair to say that it was brilliant and arguably one of the most famous and carefully scrutinized moves of Lee Sedol’s career and of recent history.


They say Lee Sedol is going to play against AI HanDol next month.

Also they say that Lee Sedol’s retirement is related to his fighting with Korean go organizers, I couldn’t get the specifics.

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Interesting, where did that information come from?

About a decade ago (while at his prime, and ranked number 1), he took a hiatus due to a dispute with the Korean baduk association (see https://senseis.xmp.net/?YiSeTol)


Last paragraph here:


Or this one if you’re into Korean:

Of course, probably “related” is too strong of a word. But it’s an aspect.

How about a cool photo then:


Thank you for the links. I don’t read either Japanese or Korean, but I tried Google translate.

The reason behind Lee Kudan ’s retirement is the disagreement with South Korea. In May 2016, he withdrew from the professional acupuncture association with his elder brother Lee Sang-hoon, 9th, because the professional acupuncture association deducted a portion of the game revenue and unreasonably took the reserve.

Turns out he has a dispute with the acupuncture association as well!


What a funny translation.


Firstly… that was the perfect topical Meme to use given the conversation, and indeed I laughed like a little girl when I saw that… quite embarrassing as a 27-year-old man.

Secondly @Everyone… This inst the first time I have heard about disputes between Sedol and the Korean Baduk association or whatever its called. I remember reading a while back that he had considered resigning a while ago.

I don’t think that he seeks to leave the world of Go, if indeed this is the cause for this coming to the forefront of the Go world.

Which is great news for us, but indeed the future is uncertain for Sedol, and other Korean pro players who may agree with Sedol’s stance on the matter.

Either way, I would be keen to find out more. If only I could read Korean, id is all up in their news on this.

If however, Sedol does stop playing GO, which I really hope isn’t the case, as his game and play style is just art at this point. And indeed he is a global inspiration for new and seasoned amateur players alike.

There is however one thing more that I did remember… and that was after his defeat by Alpha go… He wanted to explore different ways of playing GO in a more relaxed and different way than how he had previously played go. I don’t remember where I read or heard this, but I remember it… which could mean that its fiction… but either which way, I think we can all agree that if this is the path the Lee wishes to walk, that we must all be supportive of this wonderful wonderful example of a truly extraordinary human, and go, player.


Actually, I feel it is moments like that which capture the point of living in it’s entirety. When all rigidity and concern melt away, and for but a moment we experience utter bliss, getting lost in something that resonates with our inner child… The world would truly be a happier place if we all were able to spend more time giggling like little girls. Cherish this moment my friend. Be unashamed and try to appreciate it for the unicorn that it is :pleading_face::heart:


Go Pro Yeonwoo just uploaded a video about Lee Sedol’s go career and retirement. In the video she goes into the details regarding the dispute.

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For anyone in a hurry, the information about the dispute begins at 6:14min (link). This is a great video but she is talking about an old dispute. It doesn’t seem clear why he retired now, or if why he is retiring is similar to why he took a break previously. Regardless, thank you for sharing RubyMineshaft. This was full of information I did not know. Much appreciated :wink::hugs:

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Yeah, but we’ve been talking about the 2016 dispute this whole time

Edit: The Japanese article linked above indicates (at least from what I can gather from the Chinese characters in it) that his retirement is directly related to the May 2016 dispute

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These disputes and problems can last forever. I don’t know how much it contributed to retirement. But I imagine it doesn’t help your play to be in bad relationship with your go association.

In the linked articles I’d emphasize:
Korean version:
올 7월 한국기원은 이사회를 소집해 ‘기사회 소속 기사만이 한국기원 주최·주관·협력·후원 기전에 출전할 수 있다’는 내용이 담긴 정관을 의결하면서 이 9단은 공식 대회에 참가할 기회를 잃었다.

Lee Sedol, probably:

You know some Chinese?!


I’m fluent in mandarin :slight_smile: I lived in China for a long while as an English teacher, and my spouse is Chinese.

So basically it’s just ongoing drama from that whole thing.

Lee: I’m leaving the association so you cant take my money
Association: Well, if you leave the association you can’t participate in our tournaments
Lee: K BYE


Is (leaving from this association) == (leaving from pro) ?


He could move to Japan and come back as a japanese pro. :wink:


Imagine if he moved to Canada and became an AGA pro. Would he take all the western spots in international tournaments?


I knew I had missed something crucial :sweat_smile:. Thank you for clearing that up for me RubyMineshaft :smiley:

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If he became Japanese or American pro, he’d have to enter as 1p lol


Like he would stay there for long :joy:. Lee is not his rank. He is a force of nature :face_with_monocle: