Leela AI only shows NaN at move suggestions

Not sure why this is happening, but when I try to analyze a game with Leela engine, I’m only geting a NaN indication for all moves being played, and the graph shows me nothing.
Is this happening to anyone else or is it only me?


The same happened to me a few minutes ago but now it works again.

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This seems to be an example of the bug in a game.

The KataGo reviews seems to be working okay, but two versions of the Leela Zero analysis seems to have a failed.

Our developer @anoek may want to take a look at this.

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More examples of Leela Zero analysis failing

I’ve added tier IV KataGo reviews to your last five games, and those seem to working (well, at least the numbers are not NaNs; I cannot judge the accuracy of KataGo).

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Broken in a recent PR:

Specifically these lines:

Now ai_review.scores checks such as this are broken:


Thanks for the report. I’ll take a look.