Leela v.0.10 blind to kyu-level mistakes :)


This is something that I wanted to share with you for some time. While analysing one of my games with Leela (which I usually do) I’ve noticed that Leela does not see a move that would decide the whole game. It wasn’t that hard to spot, as I did spot it during the game and when I saw it I felt relieved as it was my turn :slight_smile: I and my opponent missed it for few turns.

It starts in move 230, my move 231 was a great mistake. Had white answered with p11 the game would be over and he would have won.

This is the mentioned game:

What is interesting is that Leela doesn’t even consider to play p11. It seems to me, that the game is so far from pro games that Leela learnt from, that she is just blind to such trivial mistakes.

So I think we should always take advice from AI with a grain of salt at our kyu level :slight_smile: she just didn’t see any bad games and can be blind in them sometimes.


But then the whole upper white group would die… No? which would be even worse.


Leela is getting scary good. I would be very carefull about calling her names :stuck_out_tongue: But sure all in all we shoul always be carefull about what AI says…

Like: “I can assure you now, Dave, very confidentaly that it’s going to be all right again"
"There will be cake”

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Ok, you’re right, but even after 248 from white, she thinks that I should play t13. Does this seem right?
In all the moves that happened after the mentioned one, she did not once consider p11!

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hmmm, that is indeed interesting. Also interesting to note, that the previous version saw it immediately…

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Which is doubly interesting as the first bulletpoint from changelist in v0.10 is:

Reworked, faster policy network that includes games from weaker players. This improves many blind spots in the engine.

Seems not to work as desired :wink:

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Out of curiosity, if you go into analysis and tell leela that white played p11 at one of these later points, how does she say black should reply?

Win rate drops to 10% (from like 65 or something) she blocks left and sacrifices the group.
If you force her to choose a move she resigns.

Seems like quite the oversight… I was wondering if there was some god-tier reply we were all missing :stuck_out_tongue:

Interestingly enough she has probably gotten worse on 9x9 as well :confused: I mean I have no scientific proof, but I now keep destroying her on stronger settings than were more than enough to beat me on previous version. Anyone has the same feeling?