Let's read Go books

My idea is to read whatever I can as fast as possible without missing the main idea to come back to the ones I deem better later on. I still played almost half the positions in those books on a board on ogs.

I read the following in listed order:
1- River Mountain Go 1
2- A Go Guide from a Beginner
3- 81 little Lions
4- 2nd Book of Go
5- Opening Theory Made Easy
6- River Mountain 2

From these 6, I definitely recommend RMG 1 and Opening Theory Made Easy.

This month, I am reading Direction of Play by Kajiwara, Lessons in Fundamentals by Kageyama and Shape-up(10kyu course). Lessons in fundamentals is an especially fun read, with Kageyama drifting off to vague baseball analogies and impertinent memories from his childhood.


This thread looks worth a bump.

I’ve only got two Go books:

  1. A heavily outdated book on 3-3 by Cho Chikun
  2. An endgame book I bought from Antti Tormanen whilst I was drunk, it has a Christmas tree

I have a duplicate copy of ‘Get Strong at the Endgame’. Happy to send it to you if you want, so you’d have three!


That’s a lovely offer but I reckon I’d find it hard going, better for me to get something less dry. On that note, this might be a good time to get into Go reading :3

Books are overrated. After all those readings, I am still a 3kyu. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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A year from the start of this thread I’ve finally finished The Go Consultants.

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