Let's revive the teaching ladder

Hah, well…
With grade 9 I expected them to know their times tables.

With grade 7, I had to hope they knew their times tables…

The only real difference was that I knew what the grade 9s had for knowledge and skills, and the grade 7s often suffered coming into a less “liberal” public education.

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In your country, are you still teaching the twelve-times table? Or have you moved onto the saner ten-times?

I guess for me I didn’t know what made it a ladder - I guess it’s figurative that lower players ask higher players (above them in rank - like a ladder in some sense) for reviews.

It looks like the old group does have a big text wall of rules, which seems like in some instances just makes a lot of work for the admins. Like you’d nearly need some sort of app or spreadsheet to keep track of who has what slots available etc. All that admin work itself could kill the group should the admins not be able to commit the time anymore or should it lose the time/interest of stronger players.


Time for talk is over @bugcat
It was your idea so set it up (I understand that you want to set up a new group?) and let me know if I (or we) can help in any way, and we will see how it goes :slight_smile:


Alright. This’ll be a very commitment-light group, with any user free to review the games of any weaker player; or to put up their own games for review. I don’t want to implement any sort of rules or caps.

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I don’t know if we still do, but when I was in school here in Australia we (theoretically) learnt 1 through 12.

11 is easy anyway, and if you have to learn 4 and 6 regardless then 12 isn’t so bad… I struggled most with 7.


Well, tell me what you want to see. An OGS group? Or just a thread? I thought a thread would be more accessible.

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My impression is not many people frequent the forums, compared to total site user base. Maybe a site announcement for the thread and/ or group could help. Also a few translations maybe? I guess we lose some participants because of English-only thread.

Apparently I’m blocked from creating a new group because of the two I already own. Guess it’s time for the Cat League https://online-go.com/group/1567 to disband.

Hmm, have you already created a new group?

Despite what I wrote earlier, I am interested. After trying it out, I feel fit to review 21k to 25k games. Better than nothing. :wink:

Any plans about that @bugcat?

Sorry I missed the previous post, I can create the group for you if you want, so you do not need to delety any other. Just let me know.


@AdamR I forgot all about it since no-one seemed in a hurry. I’ll set it up today. :slight_smile:


Generally Kaworu is right, and let’s not forget that in western countries there’s no point in seriously studying go so it’s hard to except any commitment.

I finally got round to this, but:

  1. I’m not allowed to start a new group since I already own two
  2. I’m not allowed to delete the Cat League group https://online-go.com/group/1567 or change its ownership

If no other solution is found, I would be willing to create the group and set you as admin. I don’t foresee myself creating any other groups any time soon.

Try now. I removed you as admin from the cat group.


I’m a bit drunk right now. I will try tomorrow, thanks c:


Been hitting the catnip too hard? :wink:



By the way, GoKibitz is working again. I’ll still make this group though since I think the teaching ladder is better equipped to handle larger amounts of games.