Level drop after resigning from a tournament


Just checking, yesterday I resigned from a tournament and I thought such mass resignations (on the first move) would not affect my level. But I dropped by more than one dan (it went back up after I won a game today).

Is this the expected behavior?

Escaping by Timeout

Please correct me if I’m wrong but you are referring to this tournament: https://online-go.com/tournament/19338

There appears to be a bug that applies to all tournaments as games where zero moves were played have been annulled but if a single move was played by your opponent before your resignation then the result has not been annulled even though you didn’t play a move. eg: https://online-go.com/game/14042712

As it is quite common for people to resign a tournament at the unexpected start of a new round, I regard this as a serious bug that can distort rankings rather like repeated time-outs used to. Pinging @anoek

ps. @SanDiego There were two games that weren’t annulled. If you wish you can probably go into each game and call a Mod from there requesting an annulment.


Thanks Kosh, that’s the one and the issue you described.

I didn’t even look, but yes, I guess there were a couple games where my opponent had black and had already played the first move. So the next question is, shouldn’t games with less than n moves also be annulled?

If you are correct, then I agree this looks like a bug and should be fixed.


Finally found what I was looking for:

Hence my firm belief that this is a bug.


Thanks @Kosh !


Requesting update. I’m fairly certain that the situation described in this thread is still the case.

From this tournament:

Is there a thread with more information about this?
Is it considered a bug?

In short, fixing this bug would allow people to resign from tournaments when they start or at the commencement of a new round without deflating their rank.


hmhmhm, I’ll ask anoek to have a look. Stay tuned.



a player got from 5d to 6kyu within 1 day from resigning this tournament.

Escaping by Timeout

In your example, most of the games had moves played by both players and he appears to have resigned from within each game individually.

The two games that hadn’t started were annulled.

I would still say there is an issue there but it is a different issue. Congratulations on the win. :wink:


Should be fixed up now :slight_smile: (thank Anoek) and thanks for reminding us.