Level drop after resigning from a tournament


Just checking, yesterday I resigned from a tournament and I thought such mass resignations (on the first move) would not affect my level. But I dropped by more than one dan (it went back up after I won a game today).

Is this the expected behavior?


Please correct me if I’m wrong but you are referring to this tournament: https://online-go.com/tournament/19338

There appears to be a bug that applies to all tournaments as games where zero moves were played have been annulled but if a single move was played by your opponent before your resignation then the result has not been annulled even though you didn’t play a move. eg: https://online-go.com/game/14042712

As it is quite common for people to resign a tournament at the unexpected start of a new round, I regard this as a serious bug that can distort rankings rather like repeated time-outs used to. Pinging @anoek

ps. @SanDiego There were two games that weren’t annulled. If you wish you can probably go into each game and call a Mod from there requesting an annulment.


Thanks Kosh, that’s the one and the issue you described.

I didn’t even look, but yes, I guess there were a couple games where my opponent had black and had already played the first move. So the next question is, shouldn’t games with less than n moves also be annulled?

If you are correct, then I agree this looks like a bug and should be fixed.


Finally found what I was looking for:

Hence my firm belief that this is a bug.


Thanks @Kosh !