So, i just found out this site is unofficially based on
Is it possible OGS will ever look more like it or be on the technical level of it?
For example: If you hover your mouse cursor over an players name you are seeing a mini live version of his ongoing match.
Just HTML5 porn, i love it.
But what really sucked me into is the pure, minimalistic, stunning looking optical aspect. Its just a joy to browse.
OGS is by far the most modern and beautyful Go site, but are there plans for something like this?

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I wouldn’t say we’re based on them but we’ve definitely borrowed some ideas from them and we have no problem “borrowing” some more ideas from them.

We are huge fans of theirs and I agree with everything you said except the implication that we are inferior on a technical level. But they definitely know how to construct a beautiful minimal user interface.


I know you are not keen on open sourcing the whole OGS any time soon, but have you considered putting just the front-end (HTML/CSS/templates) on GitHub? I would love to poke with minor UI changes/cleanups here and there and pull requests would be a great way to propose/discuss such changes. I’m sure there are other OGS players who also do design/development that would love to help with this too.

We’ve definitely considered open sourcing, but both of us have managed open source projects in the past… just keeping up with public issues and PRs and contribution quality can be a full time job by itself. Right now we are hoping to focus all of our time on principal development.


You can cut down most of the noise by just disabling issues, as suggested here. There won’t be many pull requests from random people, and bad ones can be just closed with explanation of not meeting the quality standards of the project.

But lichess is open source and non profit.
you could just like copy it for go or team up with them or something.

I rather like our technology and architecture. I’m also proud of the code we’ve written and the features we have. I think we’ll keep on doing what we are currently doing.


Oh yessss, please please do so!


I have to admit I frankly don’t quite understand this argument against releasing the code if this is your only concern against it. Have to agree with Mourner here, that there shouldn’t be any obligation on your part to do much managing or stop doing just what you’re doing now. As Mourner mentioned indeed managing could be minimal just as you wish, it’s your server/project after all. But on the other hand you and the OGS and (internet) Go community could only benefit.

That doesn’t mean of course not appreciating what you’re doing already, it’s only that making it free software besides being non-profit - which is great of course - has the potential to make it even better. Just my 2c.

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