Lies about this game being fun


Why don’t you consider asking for a teacher game rather than completely writing off a game you picked up 3 days ago?


it would be a very boring world if we all like the same things


Yes yes, Go is not for the faint of heart.


Next time if any, please ask me I may change your mind on that


Not true. I personally think that its super fun to hate myself over my own stupidity.


To come here, in the house of Go fans, telling that this game ain’t fun. :smiley:


Though it’s not really fun for me too.


Not fun


Well, it is a very complex game, with a long learning curve

Maybe try watching some YouTube videos with instructions for beginners? Maybe try playing some 19x19?

Or don’t! It’s not up to us to entertain you!

But yeah, what’s the point of coming into a giant art museum, looking at two tiny paintings, and storming out in a huff declaring that all visual art is terrible and boring?




I’d say play in real life, with a physical Go board & stones, if you haven’t already.

Read some books. Janice Kim’s Learn to Play Go is an excellent place to start. Find a teacher. Play with people you like; friends


Who ever said go was fun?

I thought we had a whole thread recently where we agreed it isn’t :smiley:



Heh :smiley:

And then there’s this thread which has caused so many tears:

And this:


Believe it or not, that guy is having great fun!


I’m new, I loose, but have fun playing.


This subject was recently discussed here: Is it supposed to be fun in the beginning?


I’m a fan of both Go and Dwarf Fortress, maybe I just have some masochistic tendencies I’m not aware of…


“Correspondence Go: it’s like Dwarf Fortress, but you loose more slowly.”


That would make Blitz Go equivalent to a Tantrum Spiral.


Ha ha ha ha ha ah ha ha… ah uh sob… crying… so true