Life and death feedback

Hi. In this game, there was a life and death moment and some clarity from strong players will be appreciated!!!

1). (move 39) Is there a time when M11 could be played instead of M10, or is M10 always the better choice to live?

2). (move 45) Why did black’s win rate drop so much when M13 was played to live?

Thank you!!

please try to finish all this 50 puzzles for beginner. it can answer your question and your future question.

its ok to jump into solution part, but try to remember all the solution.

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1)See variation
2)Locally the only alternative is J1, which gives a seki (less points but gives more help to manage white on the upper left.) I dunno, I would rather cash the points myself like you did :slight_smile:
Or maybe there is something even bigger as living at this stage ( Well it’s about 1 or 2 points difference only)

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