Life & Death problems

Mateusz Surma’s book Life & Death for 15-17 Kyu, can anyone explain the answer to problem #40?

Maybe, if you add a diagram.

Would be useful if you can share the diagram

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It’s a ko. If Black manages, before the end of the game, to capture C8 and to save F9, then White only has one eye at F7. The intersection G8 is not an eye, it’s a false eye: later, if Black or White plays at J9, White will be in atari.

Note: the level indicated in Mateusz Surma’s books is totally unrealistic.

Yeah I think he mentioned that it was kind of designed to be the level you might be at if you could solve those problems but not know much else about the game beyond it - something along those lines.

I think I have like a 10kyu book at home I want to read through that makes me think a lot. Lots of creative puzzles and unfamiliar positions (to me) :slight_smile: (I can double check that level I have later)


I guess this could be added to the next OGS survey about the ranks of users across go servers and national associations:

  • What is the highest-ranked Mateusz Surma’s book that you have studied?