Lil blue dot?

What does the little blue dot over my profile picture denote?

I’ve never noticed it before. Is it new? Everybody else seems to have a black dot.
(I’m on iOS, using A2HS, which I assume uses safari to load pages from the Home Screen, though I’m not sure)


It means that

  1. You have the “accessible” theme turned on (*) (otherwise it would be green)
  2. You are online, but your opponent is offline.

  • cue BHydden :wink:

:thinking: I wonder if you never noticed it before because you are colour-blind, but now you turned on accessible theme, you can see it? That would be awesome :smiley:


Haha no, it’s just it’s always been green before, and when it turned blue I had a brain fart and forgot it had always been there, just a different color.

How long has the accessibility feature existed? That’s pretty cool. Also how do I turn it off? I can’t find it in settings :joy:


It’s one of the theme alternatives under your avatar, clicking at the top right of the page.

I’ve heard it said that once you try this theme, you will never go back :wink:

(AFAIK, the other difference it brings is on your Profile page).


You have the BEST theme turned on*

FTFY :wink:

It’s definitely the hexagon (bestagon) of OGS themes! :smile:


Are you a Tim?


I’m more of a Red Deck Wins kinda gal
(edit: i assume you’re talking about Magic… does “tim” refer to something else?)

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@BHydden’s comment is a reference to this video by CGP Grey:

CGP Grey also used to co-host the podcast “Hello Internet”, the followers of which were sometimes referred to as “Tims”. So “Are you a Tim?” I think effectively means “Are you a fan of Hello Internet?” :slight_smile:


Ohhhhhh! This is cute. Makes me think of this meme:

I’d seen it before but it made me chuckle when u/LemonSorcerer posted it on r/badukshitposting:


Glad someone explained that as the only thing I could think of was the comedy character Tim Nice-But-Dim…

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I guess since I still call myself a go player I can also call myself a Tim haha but I haven’t had the time to enjoy an episode in far too long.

Used to? Blimey, how did I miss that :frowning:

No no no, it’s just on hiatus. They will come back…

won’t they?

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Is Cortex on hiatus too? Or was it Brady that needed the break?
(I’m so disconnected recently :frowning: I didn’t even hear about it…)

Cortex is running still so I’ve heard but I haven’t listened to it in years. Rumor is that it’s more Grey that needed the break as Grey was doing the editing, etc.

By the way, Sir Brady Heron just had his first child.

(makes it seems like he was the one pregnant but I’ll leave it)

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Oh how exciting :heart: a new little caveling

Is Grey the father? Would that count as artificial insemination? :rofl:

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