Limit length of game names?

When I click “Games” to see if there’s a game I want to watch, the list can be difficult to view because, occasionally, the name of a game is very long. The length of that game name makes the column under “Game” very wide. On a phone or a tablet, I then need to scroll to the right to see the details/players/etc.
Any chance you could limit the length of game names, or at least have a cutoff length of, say, 10 or 15 characters, max, for the “Games” page?
Many thanks.


You could just not play those games – the game creator is surely aware of this problem, no? Do you have any examples, maybe?

Sorry, maybe I wasn’t clear.
This has nothing to do with me playing those specific games.
My post only about how games with long names mess up the columns, layout, and organization of the “Games” page.
In the example below, near the bottom, at move 85, there’s a Tournament Game with a ridiculously long name. This forces the Game column to be very wide. On a phone or tablet this makes the “Games” page tough to parse.


Ah, yeah, I totally appreciate the problem.

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Oops, I meant, in the example, they’re at move 65.

I created a PR to limit the width of the column to 13em.


An alternative would be to move the game name column to the far right.

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The problem with moving the game name column to the far right is that one needs to click on the game name to view the game…

Sorry; what’s a “PR”?
Also, will it be instituted to make the change?

A PR is a “pull request”, basically it’s a request to the OGS Developer to implement the solution that flovo coded.

So yes, it will be instituted to make the change, unless flovo wrote bad code.

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Thankyou flovo. This is awesome. It makes a big difference on mobile, especially for someone not very used to using it.

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Sounds like a job for the geeks!

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A very big thank you to flovo.

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