Limit players to one live game at a time

I’ve seen multiple times a new player making more than one live game, and somehow missing the fact that they’re playing two games at once until the one they didn’t notice ends.

It’s really frustrating to join a game and not get to play because the other person is in a separate game.

For those who really want to set up multiple games, after they’re not provisional they could enable multitable play in their settings, but even then, keep the following restrictions:

On open challenges, limit pairs to one live table and one correspondence game. At the same time X and Y can play a game as X and Z, and even Y and Z could do a match if that’s how they want to do it, but if X puts up 2 open challenges, Y can’t accept both.

If you want to play multiple live games at the same time, they should be unranked, because you simply can’t play more than a few games at optimal strength, and thus you’re surely going to be playing at a level that misrepresents your current strength, which will in turn add sub-optimal data to both yours and your opponent’s ranking log. It’s a neat feat and a fun variation, but it’s something that should be outside the realm of the rankings.

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Yep agreed, we’ll be addressing this in the not too distant future… currently we have it enabled to support multi-table play as some folks legitimately want to do that, however that needs to be an explicit feature anyways, and so once we get that in place we’ll be adding some logic to close out open challenges if a live game starts.