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I’ve been playing around with board backgrounds like these:

I think some of the ones I’ve been trying would look better with slightly thicker lines. Is it possible to adjust the line thickness? If not, is this something that could be added relatively easily (seems like front-end, rather than back-end)?

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I don’t think it’s available in user settings, but I notice there is a difference in line thickness between mobile and desktop (try “request desktop site” on your mobile browser!)… so maybe?

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I think OGS draws the board with one-“pixel” wide lines. I put pixel in quotes since web browsers for smaller screens (or other high-DPI screens, with display scaling set by the system) might employ a virtually reduced resolution for the viewport that is different that the native resolution of the display. This is why the lines might look thicker and be more than one actual pixel wide on mobile screens.

More information about this concept here: Viewport concepts - CSS: Cascading Style Sheets | MDN

A solution would be to set the line width relative to the actual pixel width of the board, in order to keep the ratio of line thickness to line spacing relatively fixed. Of course, a minimum line width of one pixel would still need to be enforced to prevent lines from disappearing on thumbnails or low-resolution screens.

From Sensei’s Library, it seems that a ratio between 1:22 to 1:24 would be close to traditional physical equipment. Also, the hoshi diameter should be at a 4:1 ratio relative to the line thickness.

I imagine that all of this design implementation would fully reside within the front-end code, so it should be feasible to accomplish from community contributions.


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