Linking an online-go account to a different Google account

Hello, I am currently logged onto this site via my Google account. Is there a way to link up my online-go account to a different Google account?

Additionally, I would have to delete my other account. This account has no chat, post, or game history, no history of interacting with other users in any way. Is it possible to delete such an account?

Thank you!

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  1. Probably? @AdamR
  2. No.

Thank you for your reply. I will conact him.

In your profile you can change the email account tied to your Google account. Should be able to just change it? I started off tied to Gmail then changed to another account.

This isn’t about the email account you use, this is about the token you log in with. Sort of a crypto-cookie.

Hrm, I thought I had tested and the previous tie to my Gmail account had been broken after I had changed email and password, seemed at least half of what is being attempted…

I was wrong though, just tried it and I can definitely still log in with my Google account that is no longer my email address… So never mind me :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea; not that you’d care, but I would advise against using any kind of token logins (Gargle, Farcebook, Twatter, you name it) anywhere. In fact I would advise against buying into anything whose selling point is “convenience”. Convenience is usually very far from prudence.


I am actually not sure - never tried before, but suspect it might be a problem. I will ask around. You can surely change your e-mail address and since the login sessions are pretty much endless nowadays, stay logged in, but if you need the google login for some reason that is a different case. Will let you know once I know more.

However as you have just a handfull of games on that account, it might be easier and faster to just create a new one. You can change your old account’s username to some nonsense to free it for the new account. Or let me know and I will transfer the usernames for you. :slight_smile:


So yeah, currently this is not possible (though it is somewhere on the todo) let me know if you would want help with setting up another account (with the current name).

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I haven’t received notifications because my email address is garbage: “user-303491@e44862…”. I don’t want to start another account because then I’ll lose my history.

You can change your emailaddress in your settings, under “account settings”

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@david265, do you see that email address on the main site or just on these forums (when viewing user settings on the subdomain These forums is a subpart of the site that runs on different software. Your forums account is automatically created and set up with a dummy address that forwards back to the email set up with your main site account. Just wanted to clarify this, since you mentioned something about not getting emails about forums responses in another thread.