Links to moves/variations, and link previews for them

I like posting interesting things from my games in a facebook group. The link preview for the full game is awesome, but very often I’m talking about a specific part of the game. It would be great if I could link to a specific move or variation, and also great for the link preview to show that position.

This could be added in the Link to Game dialog, but probably more accessible if the URL is kept up to date with some data references the position. This makes the feature much more discoverable for those that know to just copy the URL.

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Updating the actual browser URL with the move number suffix was something I thought about but didn’t have time to do when building that move number link feature. Someone else is welcome to do it, you should probably not add it to browser history state though because gokibitz does that and it’s really annoying. It would just work for mainline though, not variations in a review.


@shinuito Nice! I’ll definitely use that!

@Uberdude Yeah definitely don’t want it in the history. Makes sense, I might contribute this :nerd_face:.

Linking to a specific move is working for me but sadly the link preview is still the end of the game.