Links to OGS help aren't distinguishable

Maybe this has been covered before, but it case it hasn’t:

Unless it just happens to me, whatever link to OGS help we post, the window info is always the same

This is the “Automatch (Quick Match Finder)” page.

This is the “Scoring” page.

The first few times I saw them, I thought they link to the Home Github page and didn’t even click on them, while in reality they link to a specific page, although the box thingie doesn’t change.

I think users (like I did) get confused when they get that box and think they are not given an answer, when in reality they are. Is there a way for the box thingie to display the actual page it links to, and not the Home page info?

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Couple things I can think of since we can’t really change the metadata provided by github

  • mirroring the wiki on an page
  • migrating to and hosting on our own wiki
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