List of board sizes


There are all 625 board sizes sorted by area:

1 1x1
2 1x2 2x1
3 1x3 3x1
4 1x4 2x2 4x1
5 1x5 5x1
6 1x6 2x3 3x2 6x1
7 1x7 7x1
8 1x8 2x4 4x2 8x1
9 1x9 3x3 9x1
10 1x10 2x5 5x2 10x1
11 1x11 11x1
12 1x12 2x6 3x4 4x3 6x2 12x1
13 1x13 13x1
14 1x14 2x7 7x2 14x1
15 1x15 3x5 5x3 15x1
16 1x16 2x8 4x4 8x2 16x1
17 1x17 17x1
18 1x18 2x9 3x6 6x3 9x2 18x1
19 1x19 19x1
20 1x20 2x10 4x5 5x4 10x2 20x1
21 1x21 3x7 7x3 21x1
22 1x22 2x11 11x2 22x1
23 1x23 23x1
24 1x24 2x12 3x8 4x6 6x4 8x3 12x2 24x1
25 1x25 5x5 25x1
26 2x13 13x2
27 3x9 9x3
28 2x14 4x7 7x4 14x2
30 2x15 3x10 5x6 6x5 10x3 15x2
32 2x16 4x8 8x4 16x2
33 3x11 11x3
34 2x17 17x2
35 5x7 7x5
36 2x18 3x12 4x9 6x6 9x4 12x3 18x2
38 2x19 19x2
39 3x13 13x3
40 2x20 4x10 5x8 8x5 10x4 20x2
42 2x21 3x14 6x7 7x6 14x3 21x2
44 2x22 4x11 11x4 22x2
45 3x15 5x9 9x5 15x3
46 2x23 23x2
48 2x24 3x16 4x12 6x8 8x6 12x4 16x3 24x2
49 7x7
50 2x25 5x10 10x5 25x2
51 3x17 17x3
52 4x13 13x4
54 3x18 6x9 9x6 18x3
55 5x11 11x5
56 4x14 7x8 8x7 14x4
57 3x19 19x3
60 3x20 4x15 5x12 6x10 10x6 12x5 15x4 20x3
63 3x21 7x9 9x7 21x3
64 4x16 8x8 16x4
65 5x13 13x5
66 3x22 6x11 11x6 22x3
68 4x17 17x4
69 3x23 23x3
70 5x14 7x10 10x7 14x5
72 3x24 4x18 6x12 8x9 9x8 12x6 18x4 24x3
75 3x25 5x15 15x5 25x3
76 4x19 19x4
77 7x11 11x7
78 6x13 13x6
80 4x20 5x16 8x10 10x8 16x5 20x4
81 9x9
84 4x21 6x14 7x12 12x7 14x6 21x4
85 5x17 17x5
88 4x22 8x11 11x8 22x4
90 5x18 6x15 9x10 10x9 15x6 18x5
91 7x13 13x7
92 4x23 23x4
95 5x19 19x5
96 4x24 6x16 8x12 12x8 16x6 24x4
98 7x14 14x7
99 9x11 11x9
100 4x25 5x20 10x10 20x5 25x4
102 6x17 17x6
104 8x13 13x8
105 5x21 7x15 15x7 21x5
108 6x18 9x12 12x9 18x6
110 5x22 10x11 11x10 22x5
112 7x16 8x14 14x8 16x7
114 6x19 19x6
115 5x23 23x5
117 9x13 13x9
119 7x17 17x7
120 5x24 6x20 8x15 10x12 12x10 15x8 20x6 24x5
121 11x11
125 5x25 25x5
126 6x21 7x18 9x14 14x9 18x7 21x6
128 8x16 16x8
130 10x13 13x10
132 6x22 11x12 12x11 22x6
133 7x19 19x7
135 9x15 15x9
136 8x17 17x8
138 6x23 23x6
140 7x20 10x14 14x10 20x7
143 11x13 13x11
144 6x24 8x18 9x16 12x12 16x9 18x8 24x6
147 7x21 21x7
150 6x25 10x15 15x10 25x6
152 8x19 19x8
153 9x17 17x9
154 7x22 11x14 14x11 22x7
156 12x13 13x12
160 8x20 10x16 16x10 20x8
161 7x23 23x7
162 9x18 18x9
165 11x15 15x11
168 7x24 8x21 12x14 14x12 21x8 24x7
169 13x13
170 10x17 17x10
171 9x19 19x9
175 7x25 25x7
176 8x22 11x16 16x11 22x8
180 9x20 10x18 12x15 15x12 18x10 20x9
182 13x14 14x13
184 8x23 23x8
187 11x17 17x11
189 9x21 21x9
190 10x19 19x10
192 8x24 12x16 16x12 24x8
195 13x15 15x13
196 14x14
198 9x22 11x18 18x11 22x9
200 8x25 10x20 20x10 25x8
204 12x17 17x12
207 9x23 23x9
208 13x16 16x13
209 11x19 19x11
210 10x21 14x15 15x14 21x10
216 9x24 12x18 18x12 24x9
220 10x22 11x20 20x11 22x10
221 13x17 17x13
224 14x16 16x14
225 9x25 15x15 25x9
228 12x19 19x12
230 10x23 23x10
231 11x21 21x11
234 13x18 18x13
238 14x17 17x14
240 10x24 12x20 15x16 16x15 20x12 24x10
242 11x22 22x11
247 13x19 19x13
250 10x25 25x10
252 12x21 14x18 18x14 21x12
253 11x23 23x11
255 15x17 17x15
256 16x16
260 13x20 20x13
264 11x24 12x22 22x12 24x11
266 14x19 19x14
270 15x18 18x15
272 16x17 17x16
273 13x21 21x13
275 11x25 25x11
276 12x23 23x12
280 14x20 20x14
285 15x19 19x15
286 13x22 22x13
288 12x24 16x18 18x16 24x12
289 17x17
294 14x21 21x14
299 13x23 23x13
300 12x25 15x20 20x15 25x12
304 16x19 19x16
306 17x18 18x17
308 14x22 22x14
312 13x24 24x13
315 15x21 21x15
320 16x20 20x16
322 14x23 23x14
323 17x19 19x17
324 18x18
325 13x25 25x13
330 15x22 22x15
336 14x24 16x21 21x16 24x14
340 17x20 20x17
342 18x19 19x18
345 15x23 23x15
350 14x25 25x14
352 16x22 22x16
357 17x21 21x17
360 15x24 18x20 20x18 24x15
361 19x19
368 16x23 23x16
374 17x22 22x17
375 15x25 25x15
378 18x21 21x18
380 19x20 20x19
384 16x24 24x16
391 17x23 23x17
396 18x22 22x18
399 19x21 21x19
400 16x25 20x20 25x16
408 17x24 24x17
414 18x23 23x18
418 19x22 22x19
420 20x21 21x20
425 17x25 25x17
432 18x24 24x18
437 19x23 23x19
440 20x22 22x20
441 21x21
450 18x25 25x18
456 19x24 24x19
460 20x23 23x20
462 21x22 22x21
475 19x25 25x19
480 20x24 24x20
483 21x23 23x21
484 22x22
500 20x25 25x20
504 21x24 24x21
506 22x23 23x22
525 21x25 25x21
528 22x24 24x22
529 23x23
550 22x25 25x22
552 23x24 24x23
575 23x25 25x23
576 24x24
600 24x25 25x24
625 25x25


Thank you! Of course, ordinary go games are played on square (symmetric) boards, which have the following dimensions (a subset of the above list):

	1 1x1
	4 2x2
	9 3x3
	16 4x4
	25 5x5
	36 6x6
	49 7x7
	64 8x8
	81 9x9
	100 10x10
	121 11x11
	144 12x12
	169 13x13
	196 14x14
	225 15x15
	256 16x16
	289 17x17
	324 18x18
	361 19x19

Of these, the common sizes seem to be 6x6, 9x9, 13x13, and the standard 19x19.


While we’re listing numbers and their factors, can you post a list of only those board sizes containing a two-element prime factorization? I find these to be the most mathematically appealing boards to play on.



It may be more interesting to list games for these sizes

2 x 1

2 x 2

19 x 2

19 x 1


I struggle to see the practical aspect in many of these sizes. Wanna play 1x1 with me, ranked? I can smoke 6 dans all day in an even game.


I am 12k. I beat a 6 dan on a 3*3 the other day.

True story



There are 313 boards with area < 129
and 312 boards with area > 129


why are there no 100x100 boards?


It’s interesting to note that 17x17 was popular in ancient times (The oldest surviving, complete go board was made this way and dated to ca. 206-25 BCE). I’m not sure when 19x19 became ubiquitous, but certainly by the Huangyou period of the Song dynasty (ca. 1049-1054 CE) 19x19 seemed to be the norm, as observed in Qijing Shisanpian (The Classic of Weiqi in Thirteen Chapters).


Love how the 2x1 game went on: pass. pass. “well played!”


I think the interesting thing about the very small board sizes is that there is a small piece to learn from each:

0x0 - huh? let’s pass.
1x1 - you can not put a stone on, it’s self suizide. the only move both players can do is to pass.
2x1 - the player who puts a stone on the board first loses, because the other could capture in ko. recommended play: pass.
2x2 - the player who plays diagonal first wins.

etc… :slight_smile:


You are already at 2*2. Might as well continue.

19x19 - Tangen?


How did you find these? Is there a search engine for past games somewhere?


There was a very good search option, but it has been turned off during the big update because it was taking too many ressources.


I agree with david265, I also see the preference of odd numbers over even.

Since: 19x19, 13x13, 9x9 are the most popular followed by 25x25, 21x21, 17x17, 5x5, and so on.


i’ve never heard of 6x6 as a common size, most common sizes are odd numbered side lengths, like 5x5.


Years ago in my go club in Cambridge, Massachusetts, 6x6 was always used to teach beginners. About a dozen people would sit around a large table made of a square of smaller tables, with a cardboard go board each, while the teacher would walk around the inside of the large table quickly playing moves. 6x6 games went by fast enough to avoid people getting bogged down over issues of ko, seki, or scoring, yet 6x6 games were complex enough to give newcomers a feel for the basics, such as territory, thickness, connection, and local tactics. If you never use 6x6 when playing those who are learning the rules, you might give it a try. There are some oddities in playing an even size, but beginners are not likely to notice them.


it does sound interesting not having tengen present haha i’ll have to try it out sometime