List Of Go Libraries (code, not books or SGF)

Jan Prokop (of Waltheri’s go pattern search fame) created a growing GitHub repository: List of go libraries.

Quote from there: [quote=waltheri]The idea of this repository is to collect cool libraries, tools and applications for game of go, which could be used by developers. It is primarily intended for web developers, but all projects are welcome. There are only 2 rules: code of the project must be licensed as open source (so other people could use it) and it must be in some public web repository (if a library doesn’t have GitHub, it isn’t cool :wink:).[/quote]


Some URLs for Go bot programmers:

There is a rumor Google DeepMind has started using Tensorflow for developments. Whether AlphaGo has been ported to Tensorflow is not known:

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Thanks, @Tokumoto, I’ll pass that on to Jan Prokop later today.