Little bug in game history

When you click on link with Ctrl it supposed to open it in new tab.

In profile in game list:
when you Ctrl+click on name of opponent - 2 pages opens in 2 new tabs
only profile of opponent should be opened
game shouldn’t open
that’s how it worked before.


It worked correctly for me. I tried both names.

I’m talking about any profile and any name.
Windows, in both Chrome and Opera browser.

Ctrl+clicking on opponent name
and moment later 2 tabs opens at the same time

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Tried on other computer:
only game page opened, profile page was blocked as pop-up

I didn’t say it didn’t work correctly for you


I didn’t say it wasn’t happening to you. I just said it worked correctly for me.

Strange thing is, left and right click seem to work.

I’ve to find out how to keep the row clickable, but the player link working. Strangely html doesn’t support attaching a link to a table row, making the whole thing a mess.


It might help if you provide the browser/OS set-up you use when it works.

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