Little chart about growth of OGS

Hello, i had a boring, sleepless night, so to kill some time, i made a little chart about how OGS have growth past ~5 years. It’s only about games that have been started, not the userbase.

I made a tiny mistake picking data from March, June, September and December, while forgetting that it’s only February of the current year, so the last step is only from 2 months, instead of 3.

Site note: game number 4.000.000 was played on Valentine’s day 2016 (2 days ago)


What happened from 12/13 until 12/14? Elsewhere f’’ seems close to zero.


Would be nice to see a non-accumulative chart. Looking at the curve, it look like there was a significant growth phase during 2014, but then it stalled in 2015 due to linear progression of games played.

wouldn’t that just be f’?

umm. i think the inflection point is pre-ogs nova and post merge? looks like it was
announced Oct 19, 2013


A little cat-sized piece of OGS history. For reference, we recently passed our 22-millionth game.